Thursday, 19 June 2008

Rhythm Funk Masters - Afro-American-Arctic [2007]

This was requested on and since I'm a big fan of old school Afrobeat and these fellahs have a nice Jazz Funk Afrobeat groove going there she blows

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

God Made Me Funky - We Can All Be Free [2006]

The Canadian Black Eyes Peas - funky like the name says and just as poppy really but I'm no longer young enough to be anti-pop and given that a large part of the beats and breaks I listen too were the pop of their time I'm unashamed of the fact. So be ready for an R&B flavoured mix of funky light hip-hop and almost serious beats and breaks. They've got a new album out this year (Enter The Beat) which is pretty good and I wanted to post their eponymous debut but I can't find it so you get this instead. If you like Plantlife or UnkleJam or Nu funk you should like this (or at least be pleased to know their sound). Would like to see them live that's for sure - they sound like one of those bands whose sound would carry well off record too...

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