Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Black Market Audio - Autorama [2001]

The debut album from dutch groovateers is pretty sweet, covering a multitude of my favourite comtemporary styles (groove, funk, breaks, lounge etc) with the aplomb that only middling Europeans and the Swedish seem to muster (of course that's not to see that Latin influenced groove isn't awesome and that other Scandinavian breaks aren't errrr.... very occasionally spot on - no names mentioned). Anyway their second album (Shake! 2006) follows on from this and for those of you who like obscurities/variety keep an eye for their compilation of old school "Dutch Rare Groove".
Don't think this is genred and BPMd as yet but besides that should be good

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Phat Phunktion - You and Me [2004]

(Is it just me or is album art just not working at the mo?

I'm going pop - trouble is these days blogspot seems to be making sure every bit of music no matter how obscure seems to be available - so I might change tack and start doing compilations of tracks that have never made it to albums/compilations that (in my opinion) should have. Any ways here's an Acid Jazz, Souly poppy number by Phat Phunktion - their second album Soul Juice is less insipid and more accomplished but I'm trying not to give away people's best work

Friday, 4 July 2008

VA - James Brown's Funky People Part 3 [2000]

This one's for essential elements to say thanks for the awesome feat of his breakonomics collection. Whilst this is clearly the third in the series and a little dry - it makes a funk album for funkin' for two in the dancefloor under the duvet - of course if you're an old cheesy man like me you might want Al Green's latest Lay It Down instead but I can remember when foreplay was more of a task than sex so maybe mrs spanky will get a JB's Funk People pressie for her birthday

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Funset - Live Ragga Pumpkin [2005]

Initially I was going to post The Apples first or Seconf album to mark the release of they're new album Buzzin' About but flatsoulspreading pipped me to the post so here's another awesome Israeli delivery

I first discovered MC Karolina and Funset from the awesome Best Seven compilations (Best seven Selections 1 and 2) - soulful, dubby, nu reggae or something - maybe its just trip hop really - whatever it is I like it. Here's the live version of their album Ragga Pumpkin - not that you'd notice that it's live...

I can't be arsed to rate sellers anymore there's so many legal and illegal sites out there selling mp3's now It would take me a week to check them all.

You can buy Ragga Music and Best Seven's Selections on emusic (that's where I got part 2 and my non-live Ragga Pumpkin!) part 1 was a review copy I got. Let's hope they get more stuff out soon...

PS the playlists in the folder are wrong so delete them on unpack! (this is a copy I skanked off the net so no wonder they're wrong)