Friday, 2 May 2008

B'ismillah- Highlights From The Fes Festival Of World Sacred Music [1997]

I woke up one sunny morning a few months back and there was a beautiful golden crescented dome that had appeared on the skyline behind my flat - it cheered me up no end ( and today at home for lunch they were practicing the Muezzin which again made my day. Now I'm no muslim but trust me when I say if there's any good in this world it's embodied in the Sufi way. So here's a taster of the beauty of Sufism and Islam

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Z. said...


Hi there, got your email about Brazilectro 6. Sorry for that, it is fixed and thanks for letting me know. Now it is my time to beg you for the other Brazilectros... I have only the 6 and the 9. Is there any way you could either post or send me the link for the others? Bossa Blog will highly apprecitate.


Z. from krakatoa

SpankyMonkey said...

I think there are lots of broken ones but I know no 1 is there. Let me know which ones you haven't got and I'll see what I can dig up...