Sunday, 30 August 2009

Reposts & requests here

you can request anything off me (in the genres above) if I haven't got it I can probably find it for you - of course if you're a true obscurist looking for real rare digs I'm sure you'll stump me!!!!

Un-Cut -The Uncalculated Some -

Border Crossing - Ominous

Bentzon Brotherhood - Godzilla des Groove

All Good Funk Alliance - On The One THIS ONE SHOULD WORK!

The Backyard Heavies - Keep On Truckin' (For Fiume)


Egan Ehlers said...

You've made my day. Thanks a million.

Fadel said...

You gotta a nice blog here, I discovered it few months ago and I`ve found very interesting things here...ow by the way, I`been visint here every week.
But what I`d like to ask is:
Could you please fix or reup the "all good funk alliance" post?
i`d be foveverly greateful for that..

SpankyMonkey said...

No probs - give me a few days and I'll post it here

Lucas said...


i've reposted the Sila and The Afrofunk Experience album you requested at my blog

lots of posts are out, so feel free to ask for another, and i'll try to repost it as fast as possible.

also adding your blog to my favorites. good work!

keep 'em coming!

SpankyMonkey said...

Fadel, sorry I keep forgetting about AGFA will sort it this weekend

Hi Lucas thanks so much -

Fadel said...

Hey spankymonkey,
I´m a little anxious to check AGFA but do it on your time...your´re the boss..rsrsr

Thanks you!

SpankyMonkey said...

He fadel had a go, waited an hour for upload (after 3 attempts and then noticed the file was over 100MB so I'm a pratt) hope it works will test tommorrow and upload from work at under 100Mb if I have to....

My life!

Fadel said...

Hi spankymonkey,
I think the problem is really that (the file exceeds 100MB).
So when you got some time please try to upload it in two parts..
I´ll be checking your blog ( always..)..


SpankyMonkey said...

One more try main post link should work now

Fadel said...

I realy have to say it: THANK YOU SO MUCH! for your effort, time and attention.
U made my day, month and whatever! In such stressful times, this one sounds like a holy gift...
Definitely, i'll have to buy this (as soon as i make my ways to..)

See you my friend!good job

nirso said...

Damn.....this really is a fuckin good blog.....
No comments, just great...thanxs for the pearls....
Guess you know mine, nirso.blogspot

If you don't, take a look...

See ya

SpankyMonkey said...

Hi Nirso I do know yours indeed, in fact I'm embarassed not to have linked up to you but I have now

See you around

Joaquino said...

Here's one:

Do you happen to have an album by Amusement Park Band? They had one single that I know of, a song called "No"

SpankyMonkey said...

I think they only ever had the one single (No) I'm afraid (and I don't have that either!)

Fiume420 said...

Hi, Spanky!

Could you help me finding any Backyard Heavies album? I only find 3 single tracks included in compilations and mixtapes. I don't even know if they a have a full album, probably only 7" Singles.


Mr B said...

hi buddy

sorry for the HD loss

I double backup all (3TB in total)

could you re-up the IN-KRAUT?..


mattas said...

I've just been looking through for the last day or so and have found some very good posts ... i'd like to thank you for exposing me to these not so known (to me) music...very much appreciated...thank you.

SpankyMonkey said...

Fiume -

have got Backyard Heavies album - will take me a while to sort it though - HD drop has scuppered my life!

Mr B -

Didn't think I'd posted the In-Kraut!!! But have got it (again will be long delay on this as I have to buy hard drive and reinstate back ups... urk)

Fiume420 said...

Thank you VERY MUCH, Spankymonkey

Awesome album, can't stop listening

I`ll be foveverly greateful for that!

anonimos said...

hi. i´m searchin´for years the compilation: Nigeria ´70.
take a look for our blog:

murfis said...

howdy , have been lookin´for the new Ibrahim Electric - Brothers of Utopia. Anyone seen it on the net, if you got it please post it.

murfis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boer'n said...

I found your blog while searching for "God Made Me Funky - We Can All Be Free" but your download links to their second album, Enter The Beat.
Could you please fix the link or upload We Can All Be Free.

Thank you very much.

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maddie0147 said...

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bhg said...

Hi there! Really great stuff here, thanks a million. If u happen to have Bentzon Brotherhood "Groove Emergence" pleeeease share it. You will make our lives brighter.