Monday, 8 September 2008

Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra - Searching For A Bit Of Popularity [2008]

I feel guilty. I mean this is the first and thus far only full length release by the LFJSO and I'm too lazy to strip it down to 128kb to ease my conscience - so maybe I'm just desperate for friends and, boy, I bet some of you will be greatful - this is the sort of stuff that should be on flatsoulspreading, let's go get it or jinkz musings - deep groovin funk, lashings of hammond, and just the right amount of jazz to rock my world and funk my pillow (I try to ignore the weak album cover!). Besides needing to share this discovery and the apparent lack of awareness I can only say the guys behind this aren't newcomers they 've been busy lofi lounging italian mafiarte for a while now in the guise of Modulo 5 and others. Which I can't and won't hold against them now they've dropped this bomb !(I, like many of us I suspect, have a love hate relationship with lounge and lofi)

Get listening this is the one - and I have no doubt I'll see a flurry of reposting of this babe (you know who you are)


beastie said...

Hey, first time here and my lucky day to find what I was curious about. and happy to get a normal quality of this rip. thanks for it. nice day to you.

Beazley at

San said...

Any hope for flac-rip?