Thursday, 24 April 2008

Charles Kynard - Reelin' With the Feelin' ['69]/Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui ['71]

This one's for my first comment poster, AcidJazzy as a thank you for poppin my posting cherry.

Recorded in the hazy days of cool this might be a bit too retro for the average nineties/naughties Acid Jazz buff but there's still plenty of licks worth digging; and, if when you hear Blue Note you think of a record label rather than a phat night club, you'll be styling like a good un.
Oh yeah and Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui means "wear a nappy" in spanky speak coz that track has me needing restraint everytime I hear it, simply fantastic

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acidjazzy said...

lol @ popping your posting cherry, sounds like a Dr Seuss story; "The Posting Cherry Popper".

Truly undiscovered, never heard of the cat, but just found this at Discogs...

He was too busy to devote himself to a successful career as a jazz musician. During the day he worked with mentally retarded children, at night he played at local clubs and on sunday he played organ at his church. Even so, he had time for his wife and children.

Kynard was a master at different styles. Playing funk he could have rivalled Richard 'Groove' Holmes in speed and accuracy; his blues were delightful and when it came to slow down he knew how to add an airy touch letting the others play.

Sounds like one interesting dude, thanks for the heads up.

mandustrian said...


link still active, only found it just now