Friday, 4 July 2008

VA - James Brown's Funky People Part 3 [2000]

This one's for essential elements to say thanks for the awesome feat of his breakonomics collection. Whilst this is clearly the third in the series and a little dry - it makes a funk album for funkin' for two in the dancefloor under the duvet - of course if you're an old cheesy man like me you might want Al Green's latest Lay It Down instead but I can remember when foreplay was more of a task than sex so maybe mrs spanky will get a JB's Funk People pressie for her birthday


thesupremeunknown said...

Hilarious post spankymonkey! Sometimes it's more about the collecting than about the music. I have a lot of comps that I bought over the years just for the few tracks on them that I wanted. Also, thanks for the comment on HTB. I am always glad to hear people are enjoying them. See you around the blogosphere.

Hanoi Sessions said...

Heh, been trying to find this for a decade, had the vinyl of the first two back in the day :D Thanks very much